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Gray Voice
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Gray Voice, one of the remaining Chozo



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Gray Voice (often shorted to Gray[1]) is one of the few Chozo remaining during Samus' time. Like all other Chozo, he has only appeared in the Metroid manga. When the Chozo infused Samus with Chozo genes, they used DNA samples from Gray Voice, giving them a unique biological relationship, similar to a father and daughter, that allows Samus to hear his thoughts on at least one occasion.[2]

Ridley strikes a fatal blow

Relative to his counterpart Old Bird, Gray Voice seems to be more pragmatic in personality, initially contesting the Chozo's adoption of Samus[3] and even siding with Mother Brain and the Space Pirates when the latter successfully invade Zebes.[4] The apparently betrayal turned out to be a ruse after all, however, and it is later revealed that Gray Voice intended to destroy Mother Brain when her ambition made itself apparent.[5] Gray Voice equips a Chozo Power Suit to himself and attacks Mother Brain, but Ridley intervenes and strikes a fatal blow before he can bring Mother offline. Before Ridley can finish him, Gray launches an attack skyward that allows the fleeing Chozo to escape a Space Pirate attack.[6]



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