Greater Ithrak

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Greater Ithrak
A Lesser Ithrak

A Lesser Ithrak, similar to the Greater Ithrak, from Metroid Prime Hunters


Metroid Prime Hunters

Damages by


Vulnerable Area


Natural Habitat

Alimbic Cluster

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Greater Ithraks are creatures found in the Alimbic Cluster. They are extremely aggressive, and will quickly attack any creature they see. They are closely related to the Lesser Ithrak, and are identical in appearance to them. Greater Ithraks have a heavily reinforced front, but their rear is vulnerable to weapon fire. The Greater Ithrak spends most of its time clinging to the ceiling, waiting to pounce on unwary prey. It is a very rare creature, only being found in a few locations in Metroid Prime Hunters.

Logbook Entry


  1. "The impenetrable hide on this cousin of the Lesser Ithrak makes it a formidable threat. Anecdotal evidence suggests that frontal assault is ineffective against this aggressive predator." — Logbook "Greater Ithrak" (Metroid Prime Hunters)