Hazard Shield

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Hazard Shield

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Acquiring Method

Find in Pirate Homeworld

  • Eliminates environmental hazard damage
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The Hazard Shield is a work of Space Pirate technology serving as protection from their homeworld's atmosphere. One unit is stolen by Samus Aran in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The Hazard Shield is a Power Suit upgrade.


The Hazard Shield adds pulsating purple hexagonal plating to her already existing shoulder pads and adds an extra plate just below the back of Samus's neck. When the Hazard Shield activates, an orange glow outlines Samus, this is also visible in Samus's Morph Ball. After acquiring this upgrade, the appearance of Samus' suit tints slightly more blue than it originally had, in addition to the corruption that Samus originally has.


The Hazard Shield allows Samus to withstand Acid Rain and Fuel Gel. On Assault Pirate Troopers, the Hazard Shield is always an array of visible, orange plates. When the Hazard Shield's effect activates on Samus, an orange glow protects her. Curiously, this same barrier forms as Samus enters a pool of liquid Phazon, despite the fact that Phazon has no negative effects on Samus since she is wearing the PED Suit.


  • Although Assault Pirate Troopers receive a good amount of shielding from Hazard Shields, damage on Samus is only removed on environmental hazards, she will still receive full damage from any forms of direct attack.