Head Shot (stage)

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Head Shot (stage)
Head Shot.png

Head Shot

Game(s) Metroid Prime Hunters
Features Low gravity
Weapons *Volt Driver
Powerups Death Alt
Unlocked by Playing a four player game
This article is about the stage Head Shot. For the critical hit, see Head Shot.

The Head Shot is a multiplayer only area in Metroid Prime Hunters.


This stage consists of a large central room surrounded by a outer ring. The main room has a walkway around the top. The main level has four exits to the outside, each with one of four Affinity Weapons, the Battlehammer, the Magmaul, the Judicator, and the Volt Driver. In the center is a hole with the Imperialist on top. This hole leads down to a small room. This room has a Death Alt, along with two Shock Coils. The only way out of this room is through one of four alt form tunnels. Outside the main facility, there is low gravity.