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Human Core-X

Metroid Fusion

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The Human Core-X is an X Parasite that mimicked a Human crew member.[1] In an attempt to destroy Samus and protect the X living outside the B.S.L research station, the Human Core-X deactivates the cooling unit of the station Main Boiler potentially detonating the auto destruct system.[2][3]

Immediately after Samus fires on him, the Human Core-X emerges as a Hard Core-X armed with the Wide Beam. After defeating it, she as able to absorb the creature and the Wide Beam with it.

From this Human Core-X, Adam infers that this particular human was alive until recently, prompting Samus to look for more survivors but finding only the Dachora and Etecoons. Adam also realized that the X work heavily toward self-preservation[3] of the species, even at the cost of the individual organism.



The Human Core-X boss Battle


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