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Samus equipped with a Phazon Beam in Hyper-mode in Metroid Prime

Hypermode is a Phazon-based state that Samus and other creatures can enter using the power of a Phazon Enhancement Device. It is also possible to enter Hypermode by standing in pools of pure Phazon, as shown in Metroid Prime. Any Phazon beings can enter Hypermode, which is characterized by blue, ghost-like tentacles, increased defensive capacity, and dangerously increased offensive capabilities.


Metroid Prime

In the battle with the Metroid Prime, Samus can enter "Hyper-mode" by stepping in pools of Phazon deposited by the creature while wearing her Phazon Suit. This allows Samus to use her Phazon Beam, the only weapon capable of damaging Metroid Prime.


Hypermode is a key concept in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The PED Suit is capable of allowing the wearer to enter Hypermode and maximize the power of their weapons by injecting one Energy Tank, causing depletion when firing weapons. Samus can use an upgraded version of her Power Beam, upgraded version of her Morph Ball Bombs, upgraded version of her Missiles, and an upgraded version of her Grapple Beam while in Hypermode. It is shown that Space Pirates and other corrupted creatures can enter Hypermode, as can mechanical beings such as Crawltanks. Overuse of Hypermode causes Phazon tentacles to obstruct the individual's vision, requiring the rapid depletion of Phazon if total corruption is to be avoided.


There are four Hypermode abilities that Samus can utilize: