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Ian Malkovich is Adam Malkovich's younger brother and is a member of the Galactic Federation. He is also one of Samus Aran's friends. During one instance of Samus's Federation days, Samus, Adam, Ian, Anthony Higgs, and other Federation soldiers are on board a Federation vessel. Ian is situated in the vessel's drive unit, tasked with repairing a civilian spacecraft attached to it. This makes him responsible for the lives of those on the Federation ship and of those in the civilian spacecraft, a total of three hundred people.[1]

Ian commences to work, and alarms blare shortly thereafter. The drive unit begins to overheat. Eventually, Adam is warned that the entire unit may explode.[2] Realizing that he must choose between three hundred lives and the life of his brother, Adam orders the detachment of the drive unit, much to Samus's dismay.[3][4][5] The drive unit is detached from both vessels, and Ian is killed in the subsequent explosion.


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