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Kanden using the zoom function of the Imperalist

Kanden using the Imperialist's zoom function


Metroid Prime Hunters


Trace, other Bounty Hunters

Located in



Universal Ammo


Sniping weapon

The Imperialist is one of the seven Affinity Weapons featured in Metroid Prime Hunters. It is the weapon of choice for the Kriken Bounty Hunter, Trace. The Imperialist is a long-range quantum cascade laser with precision targeting used for sniping.[1] Unlike the other Affinity Weapons, the Imperialist cannot be charged.

The weapon's rate of fire is slow, but the damage caused by the Imperialist is devastating. A unique feature that it has compared to actual sniper rifles is that it can zoom in and out, and will automatically zoom in further when the Targeting Reticule passes over a target. Shooting an enemy in the head with the Imperialist will usually result in an immediate kill. Trace can become invisible while immobile and using the Imperialist, making him especially dangerous.

Samus obtains the Imperialist on Arcterra. This weapon uses the Universal Ammo, although its slow rate of fire makes ammo shortages uncommon.





  1. "Scan indicates the exoskeleton of the hunter may not be as durable as it appears. This potential vulnerability may explain Trace's tactical preference for sniping. Its weapon of choice, the Imperialist, is a long-range quantum cascade laser with precision targeting." —Metroid Prime Hunters Logbook "Trace" (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  2. "Equipped with a Zoom function ideal for Precision targeting. The Imperialist fires a thin and lethal laser beam with high accuracy over long distances." — Logbook "Imperialist" (Metroid Prime Hunters)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese インペリアリスト  Imperialist