Incubation Vault

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Incubation Vault
Incubation Vault.png

The Incubation Vault

Game(s) Metroid Prime Hunters
Features Dangerous hazard
Weapons *Affinity Weapon (two)
Unlocked by Playing six local games

The Incubation Vault is a type of room in Metroid Prime Hunters in the Celestial Archives. There are a number of these rooms linked by transporter.


The stage consists of an upper level and a lower level. The lower level has a small room and a large area. The Shock Coil can be found in front of the hole between the rooms. There are a number of jump pads around this large room leading to the upper area. The small room does not have much in it, but a small hole above contains an Affinity Weapon, along with an access to the upper level. The upper level is also divided like the lower one. The small room has another Affinity Weapon. The outer room has a walkway across it with a platform at one end. The Battlehammer can be found here. There is a large green tube in the center of the upper level that causes damage to any hunter which stands on it.