Industrial Grade Pulse Beam

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Industrial Grade Pulse Beam
Industrial Grade Pulse Beam mp1 Screenshot 01.png

An Industrial Grade Pulse Beam

Game(s) Metroid Prime
Located in Phazon Mines
Uses Mining
Creator(s) Space Pirates

An Industrial Grade Pulse Beam, also called an Industrial Pulse Beam or a Pulse Beam,[1][2] is a machine in Metroid Prime capable of briefly firing a sustained beam powerful enough to clear away rubble. An Industrial Pulse Beam of a mining configuration is used by Space Pirates in their mining operations on Tallon IV.

Samus Aran encounters one such Pulse Beam in the upper level of the Elite Research chamber in the Phazon Mines. She can fire the Pulse Beam by interacting with the console and use it to destroy sections of the surrounding wall, revealing a White Door leading to the Research Access and a Missile Expansion. The Pulse Beam can be aimed using a Spinner Device beside the console.

If the red beam intercepts Samus, it will cause damage.

Scan Data


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