Intense Heat

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HUD warning

Intense Heat, also called Extreme Heat, is an environmental hazard encountered in several areas.[1] Though the Power Suit will provide adequate shielding in most inhospitable environments, when exposed to critical heat levels the suit's life support systems will fail.[2] The Varia Suit, an upgrade that will protect Samus from intense heat, is usually required before she can continued through a superheated environment.

Areas where Samus encounters intense heat include Norfair, Magmoor Caverns, and the Pyrosphere.[3] Because her HUD will only display intense heat warnings when she is vulnerable to it, missions she begins equipped with the Varia Suit may have required her to enter other superheated areas not explicitly stated to be intensely hot.



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    This section has been reserved for the care and feeding of animals that can survive in an artificial atmosphere of extreme heat.
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