Iono Feria

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Iono Feria
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Iono Feria in a valley on Zebes



Off-Game Appearance

Metroid Manga

Threat Capacity
  • Non-hostile, will attack in self-defense
Natural Habitat


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Iono Feria, also translated Ion-Faeria or Iona Faria and sometimes referred to as Butterflies, are creatures Samus encounters on Zebes during her adolescent years. Iono Feria absorb moisture, ionize it, and use the resulting energy to fly.[1]

Samus first encountered the Iono Feria while brooding with Pyonchi after an unfruitful training session with Old Bird and Gray Voice. She followed them into a blooming valley and fed them juice.[2] She proceeded to pick some of the flowers growing in the valley and show them to Gray Voice,[3] who informed her that they were extremely poisonous Badger Clover.[4] When Mother realized the Iono Feria were responsible for bringing the Badger Clover to Zebes, Gray Voice ordered the Iono Feria and the Badger Clover to be burned.[5][6]

Samus and the Iono Feria after the confrontation

Sensing the danger, the Iono Feria proceeded to arm themselves with Space Pirate weapons and defend themselves.[7] Samus intervened, disabling the weapons without hurting the butterflies.[8][9]


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