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K-2L and a moon as seen from space

K-2L and a natural satellite as seen from space

Game(s) None
Off-game Appearances Metroid (manga)
Moons *At least one
Landscape *Forest-dense
  • Mountainous
Dominant Race Human
Current Status Unknown (not mentioned to be destroyed)

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K-2L is Samus Aran's home planet.[1] K-2L was an Earth colonial settlement. The Galactic Federation had placed a colony of humans to mine the apparently rare mineral afloraltite in order to power their space-faring vessels.[1] Samus's father, Rodney Aran, was the leader of the colonists responsible for mining the mineral.[2] Considering the planet is rich in afloraltite, it is possible that Samus's colony was not the only colony present on the planet, though it is the only one mentioned. The planet never reoccurs outside of stories of Samus's origins.

K-2L and Samus

Samus lived on K-2L the first three years of her birth. She apparently had a care-free childhood until the day Ridley attacked the colony.

When the Chozo landed on K-2L, Samus met Old Bird and Pyonchi shortly thereafter. Both of them remained her friends for a very long time, and Old Bird became her new father-figure.


The K-2L colony's mining station

The only region ever shown of K-2L is the region immediately surrounding the Federation mining colony. Surrounding the technologically advanced mining area is, as far as visible, a vast forest of plants and mountainous structures in the distance. The planet doesn't look too different than much of Earth's inland terrain. Because of the green terrain, it can be assumed that the planet is rich in water, or perhaps the plants use alternative basis for living.


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