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Kihunter artwork from Super Metroid

Damages by
  • Ramming
  • Acid
  • Slashing
  • Stinger
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Kihunters, (known as Keyhunters in Super Metroid), are insect-like Space Pirates from another galaxy introduced in Super Metroid that helped to rebuild Zebes after it was devastated by Samus.[1] Although intelligent, their behavior and society is very similar to that of bees. Kihunters seem to be the imago stage of a Kihunter's life cycle, with Zero as the larva. They are shown to live in colonies subordinate to a King Kihunter, and thrive in tropical environments.


Super Metroid

Samus commonly encounters Kihunters in various parts on Zebes, being absent only in Tourian and Maridia. They will attack Samus by diving towards her then slashing, if Samus destroys the wings of a Kihunter it will spit acid at her.[1] Kihunter are most common in Brinstar, and eggs, potentially those of Kihunters, can be seen hanging from the ceiling near the room containing Spore Spawn.

Yellow Kihunters are found in the Wrecked Ship, some of which appear without wings. They are stronger than the common green counterparts, while red Kihunters are found in the depths of Norfair, and are one of the strongest enemies in the game. Despite their increased speed and power, Samus can make short work of them with the Screw Attack.

Metroid: Other M

Kihunters appear again in Metroid: Other M. They are one of the species studied and experimented on the Bottle Ship. Kihunters' wings can be frozen or torn off in a Lethal Move. In some areas, Samus can see Zoros turn to their pupal stage and then break out to adult Kihunters. It happens remarkably fast, possibly due to genetic manipulation. Some Zoros are also, at one point, vulnerable to all weapons except for Morph Ball Bombs.

Additionally, a boss, King Kihunter, appears and attacks Samus in a Kihunter hive in Sector 1 (Biosphere). This battle is the first experience with Kihunters that Samus has in Other M. Immediately before Samus battles King Kihunter, she notices Zoros in a section of the room. As she watches them, a loud screech is heard. This screech comes from, Samus later believes, the small, young chick-like Ridley. The screech scares off the Zoros but aggravates Kihunters. Once they appear, Samus must defeat several waves of them and Missile flower pods that hold up the hive. Once these plants are destroyed, the hive falls revealing more Kihunters and King Kihunter. Samus can only attack King Kihunter while the surrounding Kihunters are defeated.

There are also mechanically enhanced Kihunters, the product of experimentation on the Bottle Ship. These creatures are more resilient, however like any other Kihunter can be defeated with one attack from the Screw Attack.

Metroid Fusion

Kihunters in Metroid Fusion

After Adam speaks to Samus about the Etecoons and Dachoras taking refuge in her ship, X imitating Kihunters start to appear on the B.S.L Research Station, emerging from Zoro pupa found throughout Sector 2 (TRO) and spreading into the Main Deck. The first Kihunters she encounters are wingless and will simply hop and shoot acid at her, but the Kihunters with wings attack Samus with their powerful claws and stinger and inflict a high amount of damage if Samus does not have the Gravity Suit. Like those in Super Metroid, Kihunters will lose their wings if they take enough hits before being destroyed.



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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

"Kihunters won't spit acid at you if they're below you. Fighting them from above is an excellent strategy."


Game Kihunter
Metroid Fusion Kihunter - Metroid Fusion


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