Landing Site (Temple Grounds)

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Landing Site
Landing Site

Samus entering the Landing Site for the first time

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (and Bonus Disc)

Temple Grounds

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Defiled Shrine


The Landing Site is a room in the Temple Grounds. It connects the Hive Access Tunnel to the Service Access.

The lower area of the room is relatively open, with the gunship at one end and the door to the Hive Access Tunnel at the other. This door is initially blocked by three webs of biomatter with a central green bulb. Various harmlessly small insect clouds are found around the room and few small moving plants are found around the Hive Access Tunnel door. A small pillar is inside northern wall with a purple crystal in it. Shooting the crystal with the Light Beam will cause it to move out, allowing access to an upper ledge. There are a number of pillars scattered throughout the entire room, each with a red circle on one side at the top. There are small insects appearing here that appear in other rooms. They seem to be attracted to Samus's Morph Ball and repulsed by shadows. These creatures share characteristics with moths. There are also plant like lifeforms that sway slowly. They sway more violently when Samus approaches them.

The room seems to have been used in some way by the Luminoth prior to Samus's entry to it. It could have been used as a storage cave to hold the statues found in it. The dark crystal platform could also have been used by the Luminoth to limit entry to the upper ledge of the room.

Samus Aran is forced to land her Gunship here after being damaged by an electrical storm in the atmosphere of Aether, crashing through the room's roof and landing near a wall. Samus must destroy a web-like structure before exiting the room. She can destroy the web by destroying an acid-containing bulbs[1] placed on top of the webs. When Samus has returned to the room armed with the Light Beam, she can reach Service Access and the corpse and final testament of M-Dhe on the upper ledge of the room.


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Language Name Meaning
Spanish Zona de Aterrizaje  Landing Zone  
French Site d'atterrissage  Landing Site  
German Landeplatz  Landing Place  

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