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A Leviathan approaching a planet

Leviathans (also known as Leviathan Seeds) are large, sentient asteroids originating from the planet Phaaze. The Leviathans are made of large concentrations of Phazon. When they impact a planet, Phazon is introduced to the ecosystem, mutating inhabiting creatures with the effects of Phazon.

The sole purpose of the Leviathans is to initiate the spread of Phazon throughout targeted planets and convert them into clones of Phaaze. Every planet encountered in the Metroid Prime series (with the exception of those encountered in Metroid Prime Hunters) is attacked by a Leviathan.

Life Cycle

Leviathans begin their life cycle as an Infant Leviathan, found only in the deepest regions of Phaaze. They bear a small resemblance to Infant Tallon Metroids in size and movement. The infant is unable to attack Samus but produces a toxic gas on the surface of the ground beneath it, which deals a great deal of damage over time. The infant can only be attacked and destroyed by ripping off the excess Phazon growth on the womb via the Grapple Lasso surrounding the Infant Leviathan. The X-Ray Visor can be used to get a definite lock on the creature. Once the infant is targeted, Samus must then use her Nova Beam to damage the infant's weak points as the infant alternates between the two sides of the areas in which Samus ripped off the excess Phazon growth. Once the infant is terminated, Samus must continue down into a large room and confront Dark Samus.

Documented Incidents

Tallon IV Incident

Main article: Tallon IV
The Artifact Temple, resting above the Impact Crater

Samus first encounters Phazon and a Leviathan's work in Metroid Prime decades after the Tallon Leviathan lands.[1]. The meteor landed on Tallon IV, spreading Phazon (known to the Chozo as the "Great Poison") throughout its various ecosystems. The Chozo were helpless against the corruptive power of Phazon and could only watch its raw, destructive nature in action.[2] Phazon spread, corrupting or killing anything in its path. Phazon attacked any living creature and plant, corrupting even the Chozo, turning their dead to Chozo Ghosts. These Chozo Ghosts only fiercely protected their land, attacking any, even former friends, who would approach. Despite this, The Chozo did not simply flee the planet. They sealed the Leviathan's Impact Crater away using the Artifact Temple. They placed the temple directly above the impact site and sealed it with twelve keys, hoping that one day the foreseen "Entrusted One" would unlock the temple and purge the Phazon inside. The temple additionally protected evil from obtaining Phazon for selfish use.[3][4]

Metroid Prime's Phazon-infused core

After the Chozo sealed the impact crater and either fled Tallon IV or fell to Phazon corruption, Samus arrives on the planet after chasing down the enhanced space dragon Meta Ridley from Frigate Orpheon, from whence she receives a distress signal, presumably from Pirates as Orpheon was attacked by the creatures within.[1] After investigating the planet, Samus learns that Space Pirates were using Phazon with Metroids and other creatures to create formidable bio-weaponry. It then becomes her mission to destroy Phazon on the planet. She achieves this by finding the twelve Chozo Artifacts and opening the Artifact Temple. Although there is no Leviathan within the core, it is assumed that the creature Metroid Prime had taken on its role as the source of the planet's Phazon. Samus enters the Impact Crater and defeats Metroid Prime using her Phazon Suit and Phazon Beam, overloading the creature.

It is known that the creature Metroid Prime is somehow connected to Leviathans. By defeating it, the Phazon threat in Tallon IV is eliminated. Additionally, the Genesis Chamber in Corruption contains a husk of Metroid Prime. It is unknown whether there is only one Metroid Prime and the husk was shed or if there are multiple Primes and this husk belongs to one of them.

Aether Incident

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Aether and Dark Aether in an unstable state post-Leviathan impact

Fifty years before the events of Corruption, a Leviathan approached the planet Aether, home to the Luminoth. As it approached, the Luminoth detected it and attempted to destroy it, but failed. As it impacted, the Luminoth took refuge and accepted their fate as Phazon seeped from it, corrupting the planet.[5] A Leviathan struck the Luminoth's planet Aether, forcing it to an unstable state and splitting it to two planets, Aether and its "dark twin", Dark Aether. With the creation of Dark Aether came the Ing, destroying much of Aether and the Luminoth.[6] Because a Leviathan landed on the planet, Dark Aether contained high levels of Phazon Ore, attracting Space Pirates to investigate. Pirates extracted as much Phazon ore as possible for weapon purposes.

Corruption Incidents

The Galactic Federation becomes aware of the presence of Leviathans on several planets in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and sends three bounty hunters to destroy the seeds. Dark Samus manages to corrupt and control these bounty hunters: Rundas, Ghor, and Gandrayda. She then assigns them to defend the Leviathans on Bryyo, Elysia, and the Pirate Homeworld, respectively, from Samus. Dark Samus even manages to corrupt an Aurora Unit, AU 313, to protect the planet Phaaze. Dark Samus and the Space Pirates seek to harvest the Phazon-spewing Leviathans for their corruptive and destructive power (ironically, Leviathans are their undoing, as Samus uses one to reach the planet). All known Leviathan seeds, however, are destroyed by Samus, along with their parent planet Phaaze.



Scan Data


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