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The Luminoth are a technologically advanced race that make their home on Aether. To complement their advanced technology, they also have numerous natural abilities. They are capable of flight without the use of machines and can also manipulate energy to perform various tasks, such as creating shields around themselves.[1]


Golden Age

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The Luminoth were not originally from Aether, but lived as nomads traveling across the universe.[2] After meeting other enlightened races, including the N'kren, the Ylla, the Chozo, and later the Bryyonians, they decided to find a homeworld of their own, heralding the beginning of their Golden Age.[3][4] They sent out scouts to find a suitable planet to no avail. Finally, X-Qar returned with news of Aether,[5][6] and she went on to become the first Sentinel of Aether.[7] They first settled in the mountainous region led by E-Btr,[8] then later in Agon and Torvus, and placed a Temple between the three.[6]

Some time later, the Luminoth found that Aether's energy was running out.[9] They built the Energy Controllers to preserve and regulate the energy, which they called the "Light of Aether," placing them in their four temples.[10]

Dark Age

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Concept art of a Luminoth

The Luminoth eventually discovered a Leviathan heading towards Aether. They attempted to destroy it but failed, and so took shelter to wait out the devastation.[11] The impact devastated Aether, burning Agon into a desert wasteland and flooding Torvus.[12] The Luminoth eventually left their shelters and found that half of their planetary energy was gone and spacial distortions riddled across Aether.[13][14] Dark creatures started coming through the rifts, possessing creatures on Aether, and began to attack the Luminoth.[15]


Main article: Ing-Luminoth War

The Luminoth built machines to generate Portals leading to Dark Aether, which had the missing half of their planetary energy. There, they met the Ing.[16] Upon discovering that they could not survive prolonged exposure the atmosphere, they built Light Crystals to create safe zones and also began development on stronger weapons and armor to help them survive.[17] Their first attempt was with a beam designed to overload the Ing with dark energy; when that proved ineffective, they built the Light Beam, which was devastating to the Ing.[18]

The Luminoth also developed numerous mechanoids to fight alongside them, such as the Ingsmasher and Quadraxis.[19] Several cleaning units were retrofitted for combat purposes.[20] The Luminoth even tried training creatures from other planets for use in the war.[21]

The Luminoth developed the Energy Transfer Module to drain Dark Aether's energy, which would destroy Dark Aether if successful.[22] They found the location of the Emperor Ing and discovered that it was blocked.[23] The Luminoth assembled their best warriors to acquire the keys and to recover the lost energy.[24] None of the warriors survived, but the warrior A-Kul, known by her people as the Champion of Aether, managed to return her key to the gateway before her death.[25] As her final act, she left clues as to the locations of the other nine Keybearers.[26] Agon and Torvus fell soon afterward; the Ing had used the Energy Transfer Module against its creators.[27][28] In desperation, the elderly and children took up arms.[29][30] The Luminoth retreated to their Sanctuary but were defeated there too.[31] The remaining Luminoth fled to the Great Temple to place themselves in stasis while U-Mos remained active to guard both the temple's energy and the sleeping Luminoth.[32]

Eventually a small group of Ing attack the Great Temple, but are repelled by Samus Aran who was sent there to investigate the disappearance of the G.F.S. Tyr. U-Mos explains the Luminoth's plight and Samus agrees to help defeat the Ing. Samus successfully eradicates the Ing, rescues the Luminoth, and then leaves them to rebuild their planet in peace.[33]


Luminoth mp2 Artwork 01.png

Luminoth physiology exhibits impressive physical and psionic abilities, including heightened reflexes, durability, flight, and the ability to generate and manipulate energy.[1] Their physical strength was enough to allow them to hold their own against the Ing using only melee combat.[34] Though Luminoth Lore is not explicit in its explanation, it's possible that the Luminoth roamed the vacuum of space without the aid of machines before settling on Aether, since they had no planet of origin upon which to build such machines, and such an ability would demonstrate a rarely observed adaptiveness to multiple environments. A full-grown Luminoth stands more than twice the height of an adult human, with slender limbs, three long digits, and a pair of functional wings.

Psionic abilities include a constant "spiritual link" through which the Luminoth can communicate with one another as well as glean other kinds of information,[26][35] the ability to generate force fields and other energies, such as Telekinetic Barriers,[36] and possibly the ability to read minds.[37]



While there is no explicit evidence that the Luminoth worship a particular deity, they do demonstrate adherence to some religious beliefs. Two of the testaments left by Keybearers, for example, made mention of an afterlife.[38][39] Furthermore, as demonstrated by the three Sentinel of the Temples, Luminoth parting expressions of goodwill typically wish upon the recipient the aid of the inanimate Light of Aether;[40][41][42] this veneration of inanimate natural forces may evidence a pantheistic, animistic, or nature-based belief system. The fact that the Energy Controllers, and the Light of Aether they contain, were placed at the center of Temples would seem to indicate that their spiritual activities revolve around the Light of Aether. Finally, Luminoth Lore describes the Sentinel U-Mos engaging in prayer for deliverance from the Ing, though to who or what he might have been praying was not expounded upon.[32]

Interestingly, in the Japanese version of Echoes, U-Mos's introductory dialogue makes mention of a "Luminoth God."[43]

Writing System

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Luminoth Distress Signal Thought Cluster.png

The Luminoth writing system is a complex, three dimensional representation often witnessed on Aether in holographic form. Its structure is so foreign that Samus Aran is incapable of reading it without updates to her Translator Module, and is used as a lock to block access to different areas of Aether.

The Luminoth chronicled their rich history using this three dimensional alphabet. Prior to their inventing three dimensional displays, it appears that they used minor distortions in their drawings to render their word clusters legible on planes.

Familial Infrastructure

The Luminoth apparently have monogamous matrimonial practices, as demonstrated by the Keybearers J-Stl and B-Stl, who were mates.[44] The fact that they share the same surname suggests that adopting patrilineal or matrilineal surnames upon union is traditional in Luminoth culture, and these surnames are passed on to any offspring.[45] According to B-Stl's testament, family units are recognized in the form of "houses,"[44] though exactly which relatives make up the house, and whether the house is built upon a patriarchal or matriarchal system, is not divulged.

Honorary Immortalization

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The practice of immortalizing the Luminoth, especially their honored dead, and their way of life through statuaries is common in their architecture. Entire chambers, such as the Hall of Honored Dead, are dedicated to honoring fallen Luminoth Warriors or Sentinels. These statues are sometimes functional as well as decorative, and come in varying shapes and sizes.

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