Luminoth Laser Turret

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Luminoth Laser Turret
Luminoth Laser Turret mp2 Screenshot 01.png

A Luminoth Laser Turret

Game(s) Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Located in Vault
Uses Security for Luminoth Vault Chambers
Creator(s) Luminoth

Luminoth Laser Turrets are Luminoth-designed structures in Sanctuary Fortress. Unlike Luminoth Laser Emitters, which fire a constant beam, laser turrets sit in standby until activated and shoot a timed burst at a target. The ones Samus encounters in Echoes work in conjunction with a Luminoth Vault Chamber as a security system. The four laser turrets are aimed using Spinner systems and fired in order using a Bomb Slot under the vault chamber.[1] After the Spinner systems are used and the turrets are locked in place, the Spinner systems shut down and the turrets cannot be moved again.[2]

When each laser turret is aimed at the corresponding hollows in the vault chamber and are activated, the vault chamber opens and Samus can claim the Screw Attack.

Scan Data



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