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A Metroid Prime gallery image of three Magmoors

Artwork of three Magmoors


Metroid Prime

Damages by
  • Fire Breath
  • Contact
  • Bite
Vulnerable Area


Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat

Magmoor Caverns

Magmoors are dragon-like creature that only reveal the top half of its body to attack. They are native to the Magmoor Caverns in Metroid Prime. They are often located in areas that obstruct Samus's path, keeping her from advancing until she defeats them. She can defeat them with conventional weaponry and, occasionally, use a Stalactite to crush them.


Scales and back spines

Magmoors prefer extreme heat and make their homes in lava currents. They are sightless and use sonar receptors, which are often mistaken for eyes, to navigate their environment. They also have an extremely keen sense of smell which they use to target prey. Magmoors can breathe fire and usually attack from a distance using this method, but they are also armed with sharp teeth and will bite anything within range.

Magmoors are insulated by a sheath of scales. Firm spines run the length of a Magmoor from crown to tip. Their serpentine morphology suggests that Magmoors are capable of terrestrial travel, though no incidents of such an event have been documented.



  • Curiously, although the creatures live in an area with extremely high temperature, they are devastated by the Plasma Beam.




A Magmoor in action.


  1. "Fire-​breathing serpent that dwells in lava.​ ​Magmoors prefer extreme heat zones,​ and are susceptible to frigid attack forms.​ Sightless,​ they navigate the lava currents using their sonar receptors.​ Magmoors have a keen sense of smell,​ enabling them to pinpoint targets with startling accuracy." — Logbook "Magmoor" (Metroid Prime)

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