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Maurice Favreau

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Maurice Favreau

Maurice Favreau


Metroid: Other M



Voice Actor(s)
  • Hanley Smith (English)
  • Manta Yamamoto (Japanese)


Maurice Favreau is a member of the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon under the command of Adam Malkovich. According to his service record, he acts as the platoon's engineer, his battle code number is 102, he served at Training Base #2 in the Galactic Federation Academy and in Resupply Center #4 in the Department of Logistics, and his ID number is 2975-07:67948. Initially tasked with exploring Sector 2 of the Bottle Ship (the Cryosphere), he rendezvous with Samus and the other members of his platoon in the Exam Center (located in Sector 1 (the Biosphere)) at Adam's request. There, he repairs a computer he says had "self-destructed" prior to their arrival, and he is able to retrieve data hinting at the development of bioweapons, a project headed by Madeline Bergman in violation of Galactic Federation protocol. As he continues his work, he asks James Pierce to assist him should he have difficulty bypassing security measures. This never occurs, however, as the platoon is distracted by an unidentified creature. Samus later finds Favreau's corpse buried in the snow of Sector 2. He is the first victim of the Deleter.

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