Mega Turret

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Mega Turret
Game(s) Metroid Prime
Used by Space Pirates
Located in Phazon Mines
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Mega Turrets are a variety of turrets employed by the Space Pirates to guard sensitive areas. Out of frustration with the inferiority of the Auto Defense Turrets, Mega Turrets were constructed as a replacement. They fire much more powerful blasts than Auto Defense Turrets, making them dangerous when multiple Mega Turrets are placed in an area. These weapons also possess energy shielding which allow them to take multiple attacks before being destroyed.[1] Samus only encounters Mega Turrets in the Phazon Mines.

Like many mechanical objects, Mega Turrets are highly vulnerable to the Wave Beam, which can cause them to overload, firing erratically before they explode. Samus is also capable of disabling these turrets by scanning control panels to deactivate them.



  1. 1.0 1.1 "Perimeter defense turret reinforced with energy shielding. Frustrated with inferior armor plating on standard defense turrets, the Space Pirates added energy shielding to a modified heavy Cannon. The new shielding and increased Beam strength makes the Mega Turret an efficient point defense weapon." — Logbook "Mega Turret" (Metroid Prime)

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