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Metroid Egg

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The metroid eggs,

are what they say,

the eggs of metroid babies,

these eggs are laid and cared for by the Queen Metroid,

and once the metroids are born, it will take time for them to begin their life cycle.

Initial cycle[edit | edit source]

When a metroid baby is fully developed it stops floating,

and stays motionless for a while,

after a while it will pass to the first cycle of life,

the Alpha Metroids,

if that alpha metroid has special genes it will become a Beta Metroid,

but in recent games the beta metroid have ceased to exist,

giving way to the new cycle of life,

the Gamma Metroids,

these metroid rarely fly as the weight of their legs and body have grown,

and then they will advance to be Zeta Metroids,

at this stage 2 legs have been lost and they only have 4,

but they are faster and stronger,

and then they will go to their last cycle of life,

the Omega Metroids,

these metroid are huge and very strong and are very resistant to their strongest weakness,


But if she has the right genes she will become a Queen Metroid

the true last stage of the life cycle of the metroid,

this species is twice as large as the Omega Metroid,

and they are the only ones capable of laying eggs.