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Metroid Recon
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Metroid Recon as of March 2011

Created November 4th, 2006[1]
Founder Falcon Zero
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Metroid Recon is a Metroid fan site owned and run by Falcon Zero. The site primarily focuses on guides as well as multimedia and fan made content.[2] Metroid Recon has connections with most other Metroid-based websites, including notable Metroid Database, Metroid Headquarters, Shinesparkers, Metroid Wiki, Wikitroid, Metroid 2002, and others. These connections are apparently the product of Falcon Zero's omnipresent behavior throughout the internet Metroid community.


Recon was founded on November 4th, 2006 by Falcon Zero after years of working on text based guides for Metroid Database. It was hosted on GameSpy until July of 2009 when the site discontinued its hosting services.[3] Metroid Recon was then moved to its current location, where it was given a a new design and an increased amount of content.[3][4]


Metroid Recon updates their news sections frequently with the latest important Metroid news. Recon's content is split game-by-game, each game having its set of features easily navigated through. Metroid Recon has walkthroughs, maps, transcripts, instruction booklets, and other features for each of the Metroid games. Specific pages are designated for a focus on the locations of expansions and upgrades and detailed guides on how to defeat bosses. Maps of areas in each game showing the locations of items are bosses are also available. Recon also has guides for the Metroid related sections of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Outside of the guides, Recon is home to a large amount of multimedia.[2] It has numerous screenshots and artwork from each game as well as music tracks. Scanned versions of the games' manuals and the translated 2002 Metroid manga can also be found on Recon. Metroid Recon has a large amount of fan made content including fan fiction, fan art, and wallpapers.[2]


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