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Metroid Wiki:News Archive/2011

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  • 25th December 2011: Happy holidays, from Metroid Wiki to you.
  • 25th November 2011: Metroid II has been released on the Virtual Console for the 3DS. It can be purchased at the price of $3.99.
  • 21st October 2011: Metroid Database celebrates its recent 15th Anniversary by making from scratch a unique, fan-made Bestiary, with Logbook-like entries and images!
  • 7th September 2011: Our 25th anniversary features have been removed from the Main Page, however you can still see them on our Archived features where they will be preserved for future views.
  • 2nd September 2011: The 3DS Ambassador program has revealed that the original NES Metroid will be available for download! Navigate this page to find out what other games will be available.
  • 8th August 2011: Be sure to keep checking our anniversary celebration page, it's constantly expanding showing more wonderful Metroid celebrations!
  • 6th August 2011: It is Metroid's anniversary and Samus's birthday! Find out what fans are doing to celebrate!
1st August 2011: Fire Emblem Wiki has updated its skin; it now has a very beautiful website design, check it out! And, of course, contribute if you like Fire Emblem and wikis.
  • 28th July 2011: Nintendo has announced a huge price-slash at the Nintendo 3DS. This also means that those who already own 3DSs are able to download certain GBA games and Virtual Console NES games for free! Better yet, one of the GBA games available is Metroid Fusion! Check out details and prices.
  • 20th July 2011: Nintendo of Europe has launched an official hub site for info on some available Metroid games. It's not too spectacular, but Metroid is getting some attention nonetheless.
  • 19th July 2011: So many games never make it overseas, they stay in Japan, never to reach the US, Europe, or any other corner of the world. To bring certain wanted games from Japan, Operation Rainfall includes three separate campaigns! Be sure to join the effort if you're interested!
  • 14th July 2011: Drop by Metroid Headquarters to watch yet another donation Metroid run! MHQ's team is running through the entire Metroid series in 101 hours, check it out!
  • 5th July 2011: As a fundraiser for Architecture for Humanity, Oceancity Trinity, Triple Speed Runners, and Team Mountain Gaming are running simultaneous marathons of the Metroid. The three teams will compete for the fastest time completions of non-DS games beginning on Game Marathons July 8th @ 8 PM EST; check out the charitable speedruns and runners out!
  • 30th June 2011: With the creation of Metroid in the WarioWare Series‎, Metroid Wiki has now reached 900 articles.
  • 29th June 2011: We have upgraded our MediaWiki software to 1.17. This update comes with multiple new features and improvements such as improved categorization and the addition of thumbnails to Special:ListFiles. An error has occurred in galleries and this will be fixed shortly. If you notice any other errors across Metroid Wiki that may be attributed to the update, please let one of our administrators know.
  • 18th June 2011: Our affiliate, Metroid Recon has finished their Metroid: Other M guide! If anyone has had trouble completing the game, we highly recommend visiting this detailed walkthrough for help.
  • 18th June 2011: We've renamed our default skin Power skin in reference to the Power Suit. The original monobook skin with a white background is now also available, however be warned that much of our site is designed around our purple background which will look out of place if you choose to use monobook.
  • 11th June 2011: Metroid Wiki would like to introduce our latest affiliate, Donut Plains! Head on over to to get your latest and oldest Mario info, ranging from NES Mario games to Nintendo's E3 2011 releases!
  • 3rd June 2011: Our apologies for our lateness with this update, however there is still time left to participate. Shinesparkers is gathering videos to create a tribute celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Metroid series. You can find more information on the original Shinesparkers post, the Shinesparkers forum, and the Metroid Database forum.
  • 2nd June 2011: We're holding nominations to give one of our administrators bureaucrat permissions. See the Discussion Center for more information.
  • 5th May 2011: The results for the votes to include several video games in an exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum have been released. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes was the winner for GameCube actions games. The original Metroid and Metroid Prime: Trilogy were beat out of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 respectively. The exhibit will open on March 16th, 2012 and last until September 30th, 2012.
28th April 2011: Starfy Wiki, a wiki based on the Legendary Starfy series, has become a NIWA member. They cover both English releases and content that has not been released outside of Japan.
20th April 2011: Fire Emblem Wiki has become the latest induction into NIWA. Any edits from fans familiar with the series would be greatly appreciated there.
  • 16th April 2011: StrategyWiki is holding a give away for a copy of Metroid: Other M, lasting from now until April 22nd. Visit their contest page for further details.
  • 14th April 2011: And now, for the big announcement. Metroid Wiki is under new ownership and management from Prod, one of the guys behind our affiliate StrategyWiki. With this change, Metroid Wiki's new owners will have more time, resources and dedication to push the wiki forward in the future, and not hold it back. So make them feel welcome, and look out for plenty of new features and changes. One such example already is our shorter and cleaner URLS.
  • 12th April 2011: Finally, the 'big surprise' that we've been talking about is happening - this Thursday!
  • 9nd April 2011: The Smithsonian American Art Museum is holding votes for a video game art exhibition, both Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime: Trilogy are included, all that is needed is an email address. Visit the site to cast your vote, polling ends on April 17th.
  • 2nd April 2011: A big surprise and change to Metroid Wiki draws very close now. Make sure you don't miss the announcement!
  • 30th March 2011: Although Other M has been out for over six months now, it is still making an impact on the lives of gamers. Check out this exclusive review from our friends over at Zelda Informer: My Maiden Metroid Mission.
  • 20th March 2011: Rest in Peace Joshua Paul LeJeune (aka Axiomist) who passed away on March 18th 2011 at the young age of 30. He was the founder of WiKirby, a former Zelda Wiki admin, a fundamental part of establishing NIWA and helped us extensively here at Metroid Wiki over the past year. Read Melchizedek's tribute here. We'll miss you Josh!
  • 15th March 2011: Finally, the main issues with our skin have been ironed out - so we're at least presentable now. We are still working on a new awesome skin that lives up to the standard of our old one, so sit tight!
  • 7th March 2011: The Parasite Queen Artwork has achieved Featured Status, and Quadraxis Artwork has been nominated next! Go cast your vote now!
  • 5th March 2011: Polling is now open for another featured picture, a piece of promotional artwork of the Parasite Queen.
1st March 2011: Lylat Wiki's first birthday was on the 23rd of February. In their first year they have created 144 articles and it will be much more when their merger with Arwingpedia is complete.
  • 25th February 2011: The server has been successfully wiped, software reinstalled, and all hardware has been upgraded. We are now running on a fresh server that will also be the hosting grounds of our brother Zelda Informer. What does this mean? We're back silly goose, and this time for good.
  • 18th February 2011: Forget Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, because right now we've got Metroid Wiki Server: Corruption. Puns aside, we hate to bring you this bad news, but we are experiencing unavoidable server issues, and can't guarantee our stability online until late next week. Apologies in advance for the expected downtime. What do we promise? Well a new skin and finally, a stable server, soon after we return. Thanks for sticking with us.
16th February 2011: Valentines Day, February 14th, 2011, was the first birthday of NIWA and the sixth of Bulbapedia. Also notice NIWA's redesigned hub site. Enjoy!
  • 12th February 2011: Our article about the Chozo Ruins from Metroid Prime has now become our second featured article. Go check it out.
  • 11th February 2011: Voting is now open to have Chozo Ruins as our next featured article, visit the nomination page to voice your opinion.
  • 9th February 2011: Although Metroid Wiki has passed 800 articles, we still have numerous stubs that need expansion and many wanted pages that need to be created.
  • 4th February 2011: A new design for Metroid Wiki is currently being worked on by Steve, the guy behind our fantastic original design. It will be up as soon as it is ready.
  • 3rd February 2011: Metroid Wiki has undergone a major software update to MediaWiki version 1.16.2. Aside from the many benefits of this, our skin, or basic layout, has been damaged and will be fixed as soon as possible.
  • 2nd February 2011: The new Remember Me? fan-written article is finally up, enjoy! And don't forget, you too can submit ideas for those articles or submit complete articles.
  • 31st January 2011: With the creation of our Vhozon article, Metroid Wiki now has a total of 800 articles. Thanks to all of our contributors that have gotten us to this milestone.
  • 31st January 2011: We finally have a new featured picture - Dark Samus. Don't forget to cast your votes for our next featured article and picture.
  • 30th January 2011: After some downtime due to domain hiccups and some server malfunctions we are now back online. Editing had to be reverted back to Friday, so any edits made since then are lost. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Happy editing.
  • 29th January 2011: We are still taking applications for new staff members. Please refer to the "Now Hiring" section of the staff and contact page if you are interested. Vacant positions are graphics editors and public relations.
  • 26th January 2011: Today we welcome Neo as the new addition to our staff team. He'll be helping out with server maintenance and coding. Good luck.
  • 24th January 2011: Don't forget to vote for our next featured article and picture. There are currently no nominated featured articles, but a great picture is getting close and could be featured with your vote.
  • 22nd January 2011: Metroid Wiki is now hiring new staff members. Please refer to the "Now Hiring" section of the staff and contact page if you are interested.
  • 21st January 2011: Our main page community box has been revamped to include nice picture links, again courtesy of Supernicknobros.
  • 20th January 2011: A trailer for the recently announced Dead Or Alive: Dimensions for the 3DS has shown the Geothermal Power Plant from Metroid: Other M as a stage with Ridley in the background as a stage hazard. While Samus did make a cameo appearance at the end of the trailer where she dropped a Power Bomb, it has yet to be announced if she will be a playable character.
  • 17th January 2011: Anonymous editing has been going off and on, but now, well it's back, and it's here to stay this time! Enjoy editing people!
  • 14th January 2011: Our timeline images have been redesigned, enjoy the beautiful new clickable icons crafted by Supernicknobros!
  • 13th January 2011: Metroid Wiki welcomes a new, more interactive section of the wiki for your enjoyment, the Remember Me? section! Read all about it!
  • 12th January 2011: Metroid Wiki milestone: As we are approaching our first birthday (on January 27th) we have just passed the one million views milestone, which equates to about 50 views per edit. Thanks to all of our fabulous contributors for their hard work that makes Metroid Wiki worth viewing.
  • 8th January 2011: Metroid Wiki's main page has been redesigned! Be sure to stick around to find our new upcoming feature...
  • 4th January 2011: Here we are in 2011. From all of the staff at Metroid Wiki, we hope that you've had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Remember that nominations and voting for both featured articles and featured pictures is now open, so be sure to vouch for your favorite articles and images.