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Metroid Wiki Policy dictates our standards for article content and user behavior.


Maintaining a safe and fun environment for everyone is our top priority at Metroid Wiki. For that reason, we ask that everyone support the following behavioral regulations. Failure to adhere to our Etiquette Policy may result in penalties, including permanent bans.


  • Absolutely no foul language.
Foul language is not tolerated anywhere on the website, including personal talk pages. That encompasses cursing, racial slurs, sexual innuendos, or anything else that might make other users uncomfortable.
  • No bullying or harassment.
Bullying or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, on or off the Wiki. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, don't hesitate to tell a staff member.
  • Be kind.
Give others the benefit of the doubt and try to stay calm when disagreements arise. Never resort to insults.

Edit Warring

  • What is an Edit War?
An Edit War occurs when users who disagree on some point continue to revert each other's work on one or multiple articles. This creates a mess on the Recent Changes and fails to accomplish anything.
  • Are there penalties for Edit Warring?
Yes. Especially in the case of repeat offenders or those who fail to respond to warnings, bans will be placed at an administrator's discretion.
  • What should I do when someone reverts my edit?
If you believe your edit was reverted unfairly, begin a discussion on the article's talk page. The community can then work together to reach a consensus and implement the best solution.


  • Vandalism.
Vandalizing an article or another user's profile is absolutely not allowed.
  • Sockpuppetry.
Sockpuppets are false online identities created to promote one's own views or opinions. Creating multiple accounts for this purpose is absolutely not allowed. Because of the potential for abuse, users are only allowed to have one account.

Article Content

Great articles are the lifeblood of Metroid Wiki. To maintain consistency and excellent quality in our articles, please refer to the following policies and apply them wherever appropriate when editing.

  • Original Content.
Above all, Metroid Wiki articles must be written by our own editors. Under no circumstances should content be copied from Wikipedia or other wikis or websites.
  • Grammar and Spelling.
Articles should use proper American English grammar and spelling throughout.
  • Proper Length.
Articles should cover all relevant information and be as in-depth as possible. Incomplete articles should be marked as stubs. Never create a stub just to eliminate a red link. It's better to leave a red link so others will know an article needs creating!
  • Citations.
Every article should cite its sources using <ref> tags and the proper citation template. This lends credibility to the article and lets our readers know where we got our information. If an article does not cite enough sources, mark it with the {{sources}} template.
Also keep in mind that:
Raw URLs are not sufficient references.
External links to text dumps, quotes and manual scans are not proper references.
Where possible the exact quote of reference should be incorporated. Simply linking to text that incorporates the quote is not acceptable.
Using the title of a source, such as "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption logbook: Aether" as the reference, without the quote is not acceptable.
  • Prime Room Articles.
Articles concerning rooms in the Prime games should have a "Data" header with "Available Logbook Entries," "Scan Data," and "Inhabitants" as subsections and use appropriate templates where necessary. (Example)
  • Article Style.
Articles should be written in an in-universe style. That is, characters are referred to by name, using third-person forms (Samus and not '"you"). Unless the subject matter demands otherwise, only the present tense should be used. Article text should maintain a neutral point of view, and should not reflect the author's personal views or offer subjective judgments on the content described. When referring to recently released games, terms such as "new" or "latest" should be avoided, as these are temporary statements subject to change.
Well-written articles also avoid the use of styles or elements associated with literary fiction. For example, editors should avoid:
Over-use of superfluous adjectives and/or adverbs
Exaggeration and/or dramatization
Any writing style associated with storytelling
Unnecessary repetition of content already covered in other articles

Image Policies

To help maintain a standard of excellence, please consider the following guidelines before uploading images to Metroid Wiki.

  • Properly Sourced.
All images uploaded to Metroid Wiki should use the {{source}} template to indicate the game, type of file, and original source of the image. This categorizes the image and shows respect for the work of others.
  • Acceptable Quality.
Images should be of high quality. Low quality, pixelated, or very small images are subject to deletion.
  • Naming Conventions.
File extensions should be lowercase and not capitalized (png and not PNG). Generally, names follow this pattern:
[Subject] [Game abbreviation] [Description/Number]
(Example: Luminoth mp2 Artwork 01.png)