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Missile Tank ´´Bob´´

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Bob is a regular Missile Tank found in Metroid Fusion,

More specifically in Sector 3 (PYR),

The reason this missile is on the wiki is because it is hated by people who want to go 0% Metroid Fusion,

It turns out that Metroid Fusion items can be avoided,

But Bob finds himself in a place that must be passed through for the progress of the story.

Ways to avoid it[edit | edit source]

The only known way to Skip Bob is through a trick with the Shinespark,

To do this, the blocks in the lowest part of the main room must be broken,

and when the shinespark is loaded we are going to activate the shinespark and jump quickly upwards being careful not to activate the super jump of the shinespark,

and when we open the Hatch we will drop down and quickly activate the shock impulse to the right in the air,

If we do it perfectly, the enemy that prevents us will be destroyed,

but this is extremely complicated and requires an almost inhuman skill so people gave up and used TAS,

but in the American and European version there is another simpler trick for this,

first we will get under the block where Bob is and we will put a Bomb,

when the pump block starts to regenerate we will jump to the right quickly if we do it correctly samus will appear inside the wall,

there we will become Morph Ball and we will jump then we will jump again and again we will jump so that samus reappears on the screen,

later we will become morphosphere again and we will jump until the game makes us leave the wall,

and with a bomb jump in morphosphere we will have dodged Bob.