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Bilium mp1 Screenshot 01.png

Bilium, a planet rife with Miteralis


Metroid Prime



Miteralis is a sentient, gaseous virus mentioned in Metroid Prime.

Classified as a Global Exterminator Virus, this deadly pathogen contaminated the atmosphere of the planet Bilium, leading to its eventual quarantine. Its classification as a Global Exterminator may suggest that it was bio-engineered for use as a weapon of mass destruction, or may simply refer to its catastrophic effects.

Symptoms of this disease, and whether or not it exists elsewhere, are unknown.

Scan Data


  1. "Planet Bilium
    Mass: 3.8 trillion teratons. Profile QUARANTINE.
    Atmosphere is rife with Miteralis, a sentient gaseous Global Exterminator virus.
    " —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)

Pathogens and Conditions