Mk XII "Hydra" Multiturret

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Mk XII "Hydra" Multiturret
Game(s) Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Used by Galactic Federation
Located in Norion - Docking Hub Alpha
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Mk XII "Hydra" Multiturrets are anti-aircraft turrets used and presumably designed by the Galactic Federation. The dual-cannon turrets are placed as a defensive measure on Norion. These weapons appear only in Corruption and are only seen by Samus in Docking Hub Alpha, where they were activated to fend off Space Pirate attacks. These turrets disallow Pirates to easily land on the planet. They aim at enemy aircrafts automatically, much like the Pirates' Tiamat-Class Cannon.[1] Details of previous versions of "Hydra" turrets are unknown. The G.F.S. Theseus, a Griffin-class ship appears to be equipped with two Mk XII "Hydra" Multiturrets visible on the second deck.

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