Navigation Room

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Samus in a Navigation Room in Metroid Fusion

Navigation Rooms allow Samus to communicate with Adam and receive instructions on her objective in Metroid Fusion.


Samus is required to check in at Navigation Rooms in order to continue in the game. Samus needs only to stand in the center of the room and use the interface to be in full communication with her ship and therefore Adam. It would also seem that Adam has control of the devices within these rooms, as he is able to lock Samus in when she is uncooperative. Most of these rooms are placed at the entrance to the six sectors, but there are a few others. Also, using her gunship will also create the same interface as a Navigation Booth.

Navigation Rooms were probably used by Biologic Space Labs researchers to control the separate sectors of the B.S.L research station. These rooms seem to have maps of their respective areas, as Samus downloads maps of the sectors when she uses the console in each room.