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Nova om Artwork.png

A Nova in Metroid: Other M

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This article is about the fire creature, Nova. For the green, high-frequency beam, see Nova Beam.

Nova are small insect-like creatures that seem to have flames on their backs. These creatures mainly live in volcanic areas. They are native to the planet Zebes, but were taken to the B.S.L research station and the Bottle Ship for research.

In all games but Metroid, they are capable of dripping some sort of flammable fluid on unsuspecting intruders from above. In Other M, they are capable of causing minor explosions to damage Samus and are particularly vulnerable to the Ice Beam. In two-dimensional games, they seem to be volcanic equivalents of the simple Zoomer.



Game Normal Novas
Stronger Novas
Metroid Nova m1 Sprite 2.png Samus in the Varia Suit
Super Metroid Nova sm Sprite.png --
Metroid Fusion Nova mf Sprite.png --
Metroid: Zero Mission Nova zm Sprite 2.png Nova zm Sprite 1.png



  1. "Their entire bodies are covered in a spiky, fireproof wool and they crawl around on the floor. A missile blast will kill them. If using the normal beam, it takes two blasts to kill the blue ones and four blasts to kill the yellow ones." Metroid Instruction Booklet, Pg 34