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Old Bird

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Old Bird

Old Bird and young Samus Aran


Metroid: Zero Mission (artwork only)

Off-Game Appearance(s)

Metroid manga

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Old Bird[edit | edit source]

Old Bird is a Chozo who appears in the Metroid manga.

Info[edit | edit source]

Old Bird travels to the mining colony Planet K-2L with Gray Voice in order to request a large amount of afloraltite from the mining staff at work. It is there where he first meets a 3-year-old Samus Aran before departing with the requested afloraltite as is given by Rodney Aran. After the space pirate attack on K-2L, Old Bird returns with Grey Voice, only to find Samus as the only survivor. They subsequently take her back to the Planet Zebes to raise and nuture her.