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Samus using the Overblast

Samus using the Overblast


Metroid: Other M

First Appearance

Metroid: Other M

Item needed

Available from start


Allows Samus to attack enemies at certain times from above

The Overblast is an ability only appearing in Metroid: Other M. This technique allows Samus to leap upon an enemy, charge her beam, and fire it at close range at a vulnerable point on the enemy's body, inflicting a great amount of damage. In most cases, Samus can only use the Overblast to already downed enemies, and it can be used multiple times on a single enemy. It can also be used multiple times between two or more enemies, keeping Samus off the ground and above the enemies. Unlike the Lethal Strike, it cannot necessarily defeat enemies in a single shot, but because of its power, it can destroy certain enemies, such as Sidehoppers, in one shot and is effective when attacking certain bosses, such as Goyagma.

The attack is semi-automated. Once Samus jumps on an enemy's head (or another vulnerable body part), her beam charges automatically, and Samus must shoot. Once she shoots, she jumps off instantly, and the foe is pushed back or to the ground. If Samus does not shoot while she is on the enemy creature, the enemy may push Samus off. Different creatures will push Samus off at different times.





  1. "Jump toward an enemy to ride on top of it and the Charge Gauge will fill. Once it's full, press 1 Button Wii.png to attack.
    Note: This might not be possible, depending on the type of enemy and the battle conditions.
    " Metroid: Other M Instruction Booklet, Pg 22

Language Name Meaning
French Assaut  Assault  
Spanish Asalto  Assault