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The Paralyzer

The Paralyzer depicted in Metroid: Other M


Samus Aran




Paralyzes enemies with little-to-no damage

The Paralyzer, earlier known as the Emergency Pistol, is Samus's only secondary weapon, generally inferior but useful when Samus is without her Power Suit. It is self charging and will stun opponents when it is fully charged, but it is nonlethal. An uncharged shot does nothing to opponents. It is capable of destroying blocks obstructing Samus's path.


Metroid: Zero Mission

Zero Suit Samus paralyzing a Zebesian with her Emergency Pistol

After Samus's Gunship is shot down in Metroid: Zero Mission, she is left without her Power Suit and is forced to infiltrate the Space Pirate Mother Ship. The only weapon available to her is the Paralyzer, which at the time was only known as the "Emergency Pistol" or simply "Pistol". Samus must evade Space Pirates, paralyzing any she can while her pistol is charged. She must also break through blocks and interestingly Bomb Blocks with her Paralyzer. After successfully evading the Pirate defenses, Samus will make it to the Ruins Test and defeat it with the Paralyzer. Once Samus defeats the Ruins Test, she gains the Legendary Power Suit and loses need for the Paralyzer.

Metroid: Other M

Paralyzer artwork from Metroid: Other M

The Paralyzer appears alongside Zero Suit Samus's second playable appearance. The pistol appears strapped to Samus's left thigh during death sequence and certain cut scenes. She only uses the gun in battle against Zebesians as she escapes the Main Sector of the exploding Bottle Ship. This time around, the Paralyzer seems to be more powerful. Unlike her earlier experience, a charged shot is not required to paralyze enemies, however a charged shot will leave enemies paralyzed longer. Samus also uses the paralyzer to open certain hatches. She can either shoot multiple beams to open them or shoot one charged shot. In this game, the Paralyzer is not self-charging, Samus must charge it herself like a regular Charge Beam.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Zero Suit Samus using the Paralyzer against Pit

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, one of the weapons Zero Suit Samus uses is the Paralyzer. It is her neutral Special move, Down Smash, and Up Taunt. The Paralyzer in Brawl has a very limited range for a projectile. It can be charged but will automatically shoot in a matter of seconds. The longer it is charged, the more damage and longer stun time an opponent will take.

Plasma Whip and Plasma Wire

The Plasma Whip is an added peripheral in Brawl that has not been seen in any other game. Plasma Whip is the name of Samus's side special and Plasma Wire the name of Samus's up special. Both create an electric whip-like attachment; it is used with Zero Suit Samus's Up Special, Side Special, Up Smash, Side Smash, Side Taunt, Down Taunt, and Grab. It is a long, orange energy whip that comes from the Paralyzer. It forces damage and causes serious knock back if the foe is hit with the tip of it. Samus's Up and B move, the Plasma Wire, allows Zero Suit Samus to even pull enemies downwards. The Plasma Whip can also grab on to stages' ledges, increasing Zero Suit Samus's recovery abilities.


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