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Phazon Mines

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Phazon Mines
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The Phazon Mines are a Space Pirate mining facility built to harvest Phazon and use it for warfare. The Mines are only accessible through the crashed Space Pirate frigate in the Tallon Overworld and Magmoor Caverns.

Operations in the Mines

The Mines are the base of operations for several of the Space Pirates' research projects, including Project Helix, which is the infusion of Phazon into Space Pirates. This fusion creates a breed of Space Pirate known as the Elite Pirates. There are a total of seven Elite Pirates located throughout the Mines, while only 3 are actually fought. The Pirates have induced several successful mutations with powerful results, including the Phazon Elite and the Omega Pirate. This facility is also the Space Pirate headquarters on Tallon IV.

Other Space Pirate types encountered here include the Power Trooper, Wave Trooper, Ice Trooper, and the Plasma Trooper, all created by reverse-engineering Chozo Beam weaponry and susceptible to only one type of beam. While Space Pirates densely populate the area and are the most often encountered enemy, Samus must also deal with automated defenses and volatile Tallon Metroids being used in Space Pirate experiments.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フェイゾンマインズ Phazon Mines
Spanish Minas de Phazon Phazon Mines
French Mines de Phazon Phazon Mines
German Phazon-Minen Phazon Mines
Italian Miniere di Phazon Phazon Mines 
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