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Phendrana Drifts
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The Phendrana Drifts in Metroid Prime


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Phendrana Drifts is an icy region in the mountains of Tallon IV in Metroid Prime.[1] Its landscapes are jagged and broken due to years of biting frost and snow storms.

The areas Samus can access are primarily outdoors in the snow and ice, though there is a sizable portion of the map which has been transformed into a Space Pirate research facility. This facility researches the properties of Phazon infusion in both inanimate and organic objects and Thermal Imaging technology. Phendrana Drifts is also the location of the failed Space Pirate Project Titan.[2]

Phendrana Drifts is divided into three sections: Shorelines area,[3] Glacier One, and the Underground Lake area.[4]


Chozo Colonization

The Chozo Ice Temple as seen from the outside

Phendrana Drifts appears to have been the center of worship for the Chozo. The Chozo Ice Temple and Chapel of the Elders, both of which are in the Phendrana Shoreline region, are the only explicitly religious sites on Tallon IV besides the Artifact Temple of Tallon Overworld (though areas of religious significance do exist in Chozo Ruins as well, as evidenced by their haunting by Chozo Ghosts).[5] Chozo architecture, including several Chozo Statues, pillars, and other nondescript structures, though partially obscured by ice and snow, are still a major feature of the Shoreline region. There are honored Chozo depicted in Brinstone in the Ice Temple; the busts are of a Chozo Philosopher,[6] a Chozo Warrior,[7] a Chozo Architect,[8] and a Chozo Shaman.[9] Another statue in the Temple depicted a Chozo balancing the Plane of Existence on his hands,[10] and another acted as part of a functional water system that flowed into the Temple.[11]

The Chozo also left the lore entries Cipher and Entrusted One here.

Research Headquarters

As Space Pirates began establishing their presence on Tallon IV, Phendrana Drifts was chosen for their Research Headquarters.[12] Research outpost Glacier One was founded, and the research labs Hydra and Aether were the areas where initial Phazon-infusion testing began.[1] The sub-zero temperatures of the Phendrana region were optimal for handling the Tallon Metroids being experimented upon there.[13] Though multiple projects were conducted at Glacier One, studies of Metroid morphology through dissections and the effects of Phazon on Metroids were the main focus of their efforts.[14][15]

Project Titan, which studied the infusion of Phazon into inanimate objects, was among one of the foremost projects conducted in the Drifts. Thardus, an entity composed of Phazon Ore, was the only major success of Project Titan. Casualties incurred from the project eventually led to its complete suspension.[2] Weaknesses discovered in Phazon Ore during Project Titan also led to experimentation with Thermal Imaging in the Research Core of Glacier One.[16] Project Helix, which attempted to infuse Phazon into Pirate DNA, also began here with little success, though it was moved to the Phazon Mines when tangible results were achieved.[17][18]



A Sheegoth

Several species, including multiple evolutionary offshoots of other Tallon IV creatures, make their home in the artic drifts, and the majority of these are especially suited to the cold and are not found elsewhere on the planet.

The main predator of Phendrana is the ferocious Sheegoth, and even the immature Baby Sheegoth in the region are incredibly aggressive. The frigid waters of Phendrana are inhabited by Jelzaps and Aqua Reapers. Other common life-forms farther down on the food chain include Crystallites, Flickerbats, Ice Beetles, Ice Burrowers, Ice Parasites, and Ice Shriekbats. Bombus of the Pulse and Scatter variety live here, as well as Seedlings and the peaceful Glider.

Other inhabitants not native to the region include Flying Pirates, Tallon Metroids, Hunter Metroids, Sentry Drones, Shadow Pirates, Pirate Troopers, and the mighty Thardus.

Meta Ridley's shadow can be seen briefly the first time Samus visits the Shoreline after acquiring her Boost Ball upgrade, but she can in no way interact with Meta Ridley at this point.


  • In Japanese, the Phendrana Drifts are known as "Ice Valley."



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Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイスバレイ  Ice Valley  
Spanish Phendrana  Phendrana  
French Monts de Phendrana  Phendrana Mountains  
German Eiswüste von Phendrana  Phendrana Ice Desert  
Italian Phendrana  Phendrana  

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