Phendrana Shorelines Area

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Phendrana Shorelines Area
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An aerial view of the Phendrana Shorelines


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Tallon IV

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The Phendrana Shorelines Area is one of three main sectors in the Phendrana region on Tallon IV. The other major sectors are the Space Pirate research outpost, Glacier One, and the cavernous reaches of Phendrana known as Phendrana Underground Lake Area. Distinct theme music plays in each of these areas, making them easily distinguishable.

The Phendrana Shorelines Area is the first region of Phendrana Samus visits. It encompasses The Phendrana Shorelines, the Chozo Ice Temple, Phendrana Canyon, and the Eastern and Western Ice Ruins, among other rooms.

Rooms in Metroid Prime
Phendrana Drifts Phazon Mines Impact Crater
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