Pirate Hussar

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Pirate Hussar
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A Pirate Hussar riding one of its Korakk Beast mounts


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption




Bryyo Thorn Jungle


Phazon Energy Lance[1]


Phazon Energy Lance

Pirate Hussars are Space Pirate Troopers that are willing to ride and control the deadly Korakk Beast into battle.[1] Only one is encountered by Samus in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They wield deadly Phazon Energy Lances that are dangerous at any range.[1] It is said that the Hussar and its creature share a bond with each other, despite the beast's dangerous behavior, and the Hussar will try to avenge its friend if it happens to be killed.[1] In the battle in Corruption, the Hussar will fire Phazon energy at Samus and swipe at her with it like a sword. The Hussar has the same amount of energy as most standard Pirates and will go down relatively easily. If the Korakk Beast is killed before its rider, the Hussar will die along with the Beast.

Logbook Entry



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