Plasma Beam

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Plasma Beam

The Plasma Beam before collecting it in Super Metroid

Located in
Authorized in

Sector 3 (Pyrosphere)

  • Travels through enemies
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This article is about the green, piercing beam familiar in 2D games. For red, super hot beam, see Plasma Beam (Metroid Prime series).

The Plasma Beam is a Chozo-designed upgrade to Samus's Arm Cannon. The powerful beam gives Samus's beam a much stronger blast and grants it the ability to pierce through any number of foes, dealing a large amount of damage to multiple targets at once. It is one of the most powerful beam weapons in Samus's entire arsenal.


The Plasma Beam has the ability to pass through enemies allowing it to hit multiple targets, this effect is also carried over when it is stacked with other weapons.[1][2] In Metroid II, the Plasma Beam can also travel through walls, giving it the same effect as the Wave Beam.[3].

In Super Metroid, it allows Samus to execute a Plasma Shield under certain conditions, but it cannot be equipped with the Spazer Beam.

The SA-X uses a combination of the beams Samus had previously obtained, the Ice Beam, Wave Beam, and Plasma Beam.

Nettori's Plasma Beam behaves slightly different from Samus's. It still has its piercing ability, but Nettori is able to hold it in place for a few moments, functioning much like a solid.


The green Plasma Beam was initially granted to Samus on her first mission to the planet she was raised on, Zebes. Although she found the relic containing the Plasma Beam in Crateria, she was unable to use or even identify it, like the Gravity Suit and Space Jump. It wasn't until a weakened Zero Suit Samus defeated the Chozo Ruins Test that she obtains the Legendary Power Suit and is able to make use of the heavy Plasma Beam.

Samus seems to not be able to keep many of her weapons, as she must obtain the Plasma Beam again on the planet SR388 in her genocide of the dangerous Metroid species.

She again is unable to keep the Plasma Beam, and retrieves the Plasma Beam from a Chozo Statue one final time on her second mission on the planet Zebes after defeating Draygon.

Armed with the Plasma Beam, Samus enters the Bottle Ship to fight the threat of bio-weapons alongside the other members of the 07th Platoon. She doesn't use the Plasma Beam, however, until she faces off against a fully mature clone of Ridley in Sector 3 (Pyrosphere).

The X rob Samus of her Plasma Beam along with other Chozo upgrades, meaning that the SA-X is fully armed with the powerful beam. While attempting to restore power to the Reactor Core, Samus comes across Kihunters and heavy vegetation trapping the entire Reactor Silo area. Samus finds that the statue Nettori resembling a Chozo Statue is the source of the rapidly growing vegetation. Nettori is an X armed with the Plasma Beam, and uses it to attempt to ward Samus off. Samus manages to defeat it and break the Hard Core-X, allowing Samus to absorb the X and regain her Plasma Beam ability.



In-Game Data

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Metroid: Zero Mission

"This powerful beam can blast through multiple enemies."[5]

Super Metroid

Metroid: Other M

Metroid Fusion

"Beam now pierces enemies."



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