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Plasma Beam

The Plasma Beam Arm Cannon in Metroid Prime

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Charge Combo


This article is about the Prime series super heated weapon. For the piercing weapon seen in other games, see Plasma Beam.

The Plasma Beam is one of three elemental weapons created by the Chozo on Tallon IV and a weapon used by the hunter Ghor. The weapons makes use of a superheated plasma for use as a projectile weapon.


The Plasma Beam functions similarly in battle between Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, but fills different functional role between the two games. While not present in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the Light Beam is capable of igniting enemies and fires similarly to the Plasma Beam.

Metroid Prime

The Plasma Beam upgrade in Prime

In Metroid Prime, it serves as a heat based weapon, allowing Samus to melt both ice and frigidite and ignite foes.[1] A charged shot can reduce most enemies to a cloud of ashes with just one shot.

The Space Pirates managed to get a hold of the Chozo beam technology and reverse engineered them. This allowed them to power their forces with one of her weapons; Plasma Troopers are the result of Space Pirates armed with a weaker version of Samus's Plasma Beam.[2]

There are many thawing ice chunks scattered around Phendrana that can be completely thawed away using the Plasma Beam. The Chozo hid the Artifact of World beneath a Chozo Statue in Hall of the Elders that requires the Plasma Beam and the Morph Ball Bomb to reach. This particular Artifact was very obviously hidden so that only Samus could reach it.


Main article: Flamethrower

The Flamethrower is the Plasma Beam's Charge Combo. It allows Samus to fire a steady stream of fire that ignites any nearby opponents. Using this weapon is costly as it rapidly consumes Missiles, five per second plus the ten it takes to initialize the Charge Combo.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

In Corruption Ghor is armed with the Plasma Beam. While the beam is weaker than it was in Metroid Prime, it has a higher rate of fire and its range is significantly improved.[3] Ghor's Plasma Beam fires streams of energy similar to Samus's in Prime, but Samus fires beams when she attains the beam in Corruption.

Ghor uses the Plasma Beam to destroy the circuitry underneath Aurora Unit 217, disabling the AU. Samus retrieves Ghor's Plasma Beam after defeating him on the Main Docking Bay in SkyTown. She uses the hot plasma nature of his beam to repair 217 as well as other damaged circuitry found throughout the planets.

Using her shapeshifting abilities, Gandrayda makes use of the Plasma Beam as Ghor-G, a mimicked version of Ghor.

Dark Samus is also able to use the Plasma Beam taken from Ghor, much like she took control of Samus's Phazon Suit.



In Game Data

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Metroid Prime

"​Fire the Plasma Beam to open Red Doors.​ ​The Plasma Beam is very effective against cold-​based enemies.​ ​Charge the Plasma Beam to fire a sphere of plasma.​ Enemies struck by this blast will be engulfed in flames for a few moments."[5]

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


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