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Pump Control Unit

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Samus entering the Pump Control Unit's vicinity
Samus using the Pump Control Unit's console

The Pump Control Unit is a console used Biologic Space Labs aboard their research station's Sector 4 (AQA). It controls the sectors water levels. It appears to have been kept high before Samus's arrival on the ship to keep certain water-dwelling creatures such as Skulteras alive.

As Serris and SA-X began wreaking havoc within the sector, electrical wiring was exposed throughout the water, making the sector's water a hazard for Samus. To remove this hazard, Samus must use the Pump Control Unit to lower water levels. The way to the Pump Control Unit, however, is blocked by Boost Blocks. Samus defeats Serris for the Speed Booster and uses this to bypass obtruding blocks. Upon using the Pump Control Unit, it's lights change colors from red to green and cannot be used again.

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