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A Quadtroid

A Quadtroid from Metroid Prime Hunters


Metroid Prime Hunters

Damages by
  • Energy leech
Located in

Quadtroids are creatures that were genetically engineered from leech and reptile DNA. They move about latched onto surfaces, and will leap at any creature it sees. They will drain energy from their target using an unknown method. Samus can only release their grip with a Morph Ball Bomb. The Quadtroids are very similer to Metroids both in name and behavior. Both end in troid and both latch onto foes and drain them of energy. As actual Metroids are never featured in Metroid Prime Hunters, these are the equivalent of them. It is unknown whether or not there is any real relationship between Quadtroids and Metroids.



  1. "Genetically engineered from leech and reptile DNA, this creature can crawl on almost any surface. The Quadtroid seeks sources of biological energy. The use of a Morph Ball Bomb is the only method to break free of its grasp." — Logbook "Quadtroid" (Metroid Prime Hunters)