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Quarantine Bay

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Quarantine Bay
The Quarantine Bay

Samus entering the Quarantine Bay


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The Quarantine Bay is a room in the Main Deck of the Biologic Space Labs research station. The small bay's only function is to quarantine samples collected by Biologic researchers within capsules, presumably to be studied prior to being released into the specialized sectors of the research station.[2]

The Quarantine Bay held capsules of Samus's infected suit parts some time before the X completely overtook the research station.[2] Shortly after Samus had awaken with her newly acquired Fusion Suit, Samus heard, the Galactic Federation received a distress call from the B.S.L station saying that there was an explosion in the Quarantine Bay.[3] Considering that Samus's suit parts were in the Quarantine bay, the explosion was probably caused by the SA-X, leaving the Quarantine Bay in ruins.

Samus responds to the distress signal and is guided by her Federation-assigned commanding officer to the Quarantine Bay to investigate. Upon her arrival, Samus finds a lone Hornoad which reveals an X upon its death. This is Samus's first encounter with an X since being infected herself.

Upon revisiting the Quarantine Bay, there are no more Hornoads or X of any kind, nor will there be any expansions.

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