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RB176 Ferrocrusher

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RB176 Ferrocrusher


Metroid: Other M



The RB176 Ferrocrusher is a machine Samus fights in Sector 2 of the Bottle Ship. She finds it after chasing a mysterious woman into a storage facility. The Ferrocrusher appears behind a large steel crate and shines a light on the woman before launching the crate at her, which she dodges. As it approaches, Samus notices that its operator, whose face is obscured, is wearing a Galactic Federation uniform. Commanding the woman to leave the area, Samus begins firing at the machine before dodging another large crate. The battle then begins. The Ferrocrusher is well-equipped for combat, beginning with lasers that travel in Samus's direction, spreading horizontally from a point on the right side of the mech. Within seconds, explosions erupt from where the laser touched the ground. It also attacks by charging at Samus and scraping its arms in a circle along the floor. To defeat the mech, Samus must use charged Ice Beam shots to freeze its arms and destroy them with Missiles, starting the second phase.

The carriage of the mech will rotate one hundred eighty degrees, and blades previously hidden behind and underneath the mech will emerge in the front and extend. The Ferrocrusher then attacks by charging at Samus both forwards and backwards. Samus must use charged Ice Beam shots to freeze one of the wheels behind the mech. This immobilizes the Ferrocrusher and causes its power module to emerge from the top. Samus can destroy this either through the use of Missiles or an Overblast. In either case, it begins to spark, and movement ceases. A second later, an alarm blares, and the Ferrocrusher moves erratically around the room, crashing into various objects before crashing into a wall. Its power module then explodes. Samus cautiously approaches the mech and notices that the cockpit is empty. The identity of the operator is never revealed, but it is assumed that it is the Deleter.

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