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Raven Beak

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Raven Beak

Raven Beak in Metroid Dread.


Metroid Dread





Hadar… sen olmen. ("Power... is everything.")

Raven Beak is a Chozo leader of the Mawkin tribe. He was first introduced in Chozo Memories unlockable in Metroid: Samus Returns, and appears as the main antagonist of Metroid Dread.

Background[edit | edit source]

Raven Beak was present when Samus Aran was adopted by the Chozo, and gave Samus some of his DNA.

Working with the Thoha tribe, Raven Beak's Mawkin tribe managed to contain the Metroids on SR388. Raven Beak coveted the Metroids as weapons for galactic conquest, and when he heard that the Thoha intended to eliminate the Metroids by destroying SR388 Raven Beak killed them. The sole survivor of his massacre was the Thoha scientist Quiet Robe; the Thoha were the only ones who could control the Metroids, and so Raven Beak took him as a hostage. Raven Beak, his forces, and Quiet Robe went to ZDR, intending to come back to SR388 later when the Metroids had completely wiped out the X Parasites.

Unfortunately, one of Raven Beak's soldiers was infected by an X parasite, disrupting Raven Beak's plan as he tried to keep the X under control. All the Chozo except Raven Beak and Quiet Robe were infected, forcing Raven Beak to lock them up in Elun and create Chozo Robot Soldiers. By then, Samus had exterminated the Metroids on SR388.

Undaunted by this setback, he decided a new plan that would let him recreate the Metroid species and use them to dominate the galaxy. He allowed video footage of a living X to reach the Galactic Federation, reprogramming the E.M.M.I. that were sent to investigate so they would seek to harvest Samus' DNA when she arrived on the planet herself.