Reactor Core (Frigate Orpheon)

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Reactor Core
Reactor Core

The Reactor Core

Game Metroid Prime

Frigate Orpheon

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This article is about the room on Frigate Orpheon. For the room on the Crashed Frigate, see Reactor Core (Tallon Overworld).

The Reactor Core is the location of Frigate Orpheon's power generator and where Samus battles a Parasite Queen and then evacuates during the countdown. It is entered through Reactor Core Entrance and escaped through Deck Gamma Monitor Hall. Once Samus leaves the room, she cannot re-enter.[1] After Frigate Orpheon's crash into Tallon IV, the submerged Reactor Core becomes home to several aquatic creatures and Aqua Pirates.


The spacious room houses Orpheon's reactor, contained by a rotating force field. At the entrance of the Reactor Core are the bodies of several Space Pirates that were apparently killed by the Parasite Queen. In terms of color, the bright orange and black contrasts with the rest of Orpheon's dark black and grays. There are many monitors encompassing the circular room, however none can be scanned. When Samus enters the main section of the room, the Parasite Queen sits in the main section of the core.

Once Samus defeats the Parasite Queen, it plummets into the bottom of the reactor, causing an overload in the core. It begins to melt down, giving Samus some time to escape before damaging the frigate out of orbit. After Orpheon falls onto Tallon Overworld, the Reactor Core remains and is revisited by Samus.


Available Logbook Entries



Creature Number Encountered
Parasite Queen 1  Boss Battle on only visit  



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Language Name Meaning
Spanish Núcleo del Reactor  Reactor Core  
German Reaktorkern  Reactor Core  
Italian Nucleo del Reattore  Reactor Core  

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