Red Starburst

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Red Starburst
Red Starburst mp1 Screenshot 03.png

Three Red Starbursts

Game(s) Metroid Prime
Planet(s) Tallon IV
Area(s) Tallon Overworld
Threat Capacity Benign

Red Starbursts are a flowering vine indigenous to Tallon IV that bloom in the canopy of Tallon Overworld along with Glowing Spidervines.

The vines blossom seasonally and the red flowers are edible. Apparently, they are considered a delicacy in some cultures. They're usually found climbing over walls and grow dark leaves.

Amazingly enough, despite their preference to moist, cool areas, they have climbed down as far as the Transport to Tallon Overworld West in the extremely hot Magmoor Caverns.

Scan Data



  1. "Species: Red starburst. Edible flowers bloom seasonally. Considered a delicacy in many territories." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)

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