Restricted Laboratory

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The first room of the Restricted Laboratory

The Restricted Laboratory is an area in the Restricted Zone where the Biologic researchers bred and researched Metroids. The high-security area appears to be kept secret by Biologic Space Labs and the Galactic Federation.[1]

Samus enters the area after obtaining the Wave Beam. She examines the area, but before getting very far, an SA-X attacks Metroids in the Laboratory. Possibly due to the insertion of Metroid DNA into Samus, the Metroids did not attack Samus, only the SA-X. The SA-X's attack triggers a Countdown, giving Samus sixty seconds before the Restricted Laboratory is detached and jettisoned away. The entire laboratory detaches and explodes, leaving only Samus's accounts as evidence for the Federations actions.[2][3][1]

After the Restricted Laboratory is detached, Samus can no longer revisit it. Though she can revisit where it used to be through the Restricted Zone, finding only a Power Bomb Expansion.



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