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Created January 22nd, 2015
Founder Parax0

Retro Modding Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the documentation of the various file formats used by Retro Studios, specifically the Metroid Prime series and the Donkey Kong Country Returns games.


Retro Modding Wiki was conceptualized on the Metroid 2002 Forum, after Parax, the creator of the Metroid Prime hacking research thread, suggested looking into a means to document their collective findings from the forum.[1] Nathan Jahnke, owner of, agreed to host the Wiki on the Metroid 2002 servers,[2][3] and since then a small community of Metroid Prime hackers have continued to document their findings there. Discussions also continue on the Metroid 2002 Forum on the aforementioned Metroid Prime hacking research thread and the Retro Modding Wiki thread.


As of July 2015, the only administrator and bureaucrat was Parax0.



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