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A Rezbit

A Rezbit


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes






Sanctuary Fortress

Threat Capacity



Found in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Rezbits are small, powerful Luminoth mechanoid sentries built to guard rooms with large open space, in which intruders are most likely to enter. They can also generate shields that can repel most of Samus's weaponry.[1]

Rezbits are among the most encountered enemies in Sanctuary Fortress. Samus normally encounters them in groups, and they will attack until they are either destroyed or they kill Samus. They can be frozen before their shield is raised with a charged shot from the Dark Beam, allowing Samus to shatter them with Missiles.


Rezbits utilize a blue colored shield impervious to all of Samus's Beams, Missiles, Charge Combos, etc. The shield is temporarily disabled when the Rezbit is using weapons, giving Samus a small time window to attack. A Rezbit's computer system consists of a small, translucent orange screen that rapidly spins around the Rezbit when it is attacking, showing that it is in a weapons fire mode.


Rezbits can disable its ability to be locked-on by a targeting reticule when uploading a system which disrupts Samus's Visor with several error messages stating that her weaponry is not functioning correctly because of a hardware problem. Rezbits also can make Samus's Missiles fly off-course, but this ability is mostly used by Rezbits during the viral attack.

Attacks used by Rezbits are listed below:

  • A thin, concentrated ray mimicking those of the Plasma Beam that inflicts minimal damage onto Samus's suit. The amount of damage received depends on how close Samus is to the ray and the duration that she is in the attack.
  • A series of large, orange-colored blasts that inflict high damage onto Samus. The range of the attack is low, as it takes much time for the Rezbit's targeting reticule to lock-on to Samus.
  • A moderately strong attack that implants an a computer virus into Samus' armor's computer. If the attack is successful, Samus will not be able to use her Arm Cannon, Screw Attack, Morph Ball, or any other visors. The attack can be easily avoidable if Samus is behind a wall or underneath or above a platform where the Rezbit is uploading the system.



  • While the Rezbit's shield is impenetrable to all nearly weaponry, it can easily be bypassed by the Screw Attack or a Power Bomb detonated in close proximity.



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Language Name Meaning
Japanese レズビット  Rezbit  

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