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Rinkas in Metroid

Samus avoiding Rinkas in Metroid

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Rinkas are enemies encounter in large numbers in Tourian. They will cause damage to Samus on contact. Rinkas can be destroyed by most weapons. They can also be frozen to use a platforms. Rinkas are also encountered on the Bottle Ship, in the hallways that precede Room MW. In this game, they are fired by wall mounted cannons, but otherwise they act the same as in earlier games. There are also green Rinkas that are more powerful then regular Rinkas.

Because they are easy to kill, Rinkas generally serve as sources of power ups, allowing Samus to regain her energy and replenish her ammunition. This, however, is not true for their Other M appearance because the game lacks power ups.



Game Red Rinka
Green Rinka
Super Metroid Rinka sm Sprite.gif --
Metroid: Zero Mission Red Rinka - Zero Mission Green Rinka - Zero Mission


  1. "These fireball creatures suddenly appear in the last scene. Lots of them appear but they are not very strong." Metroid Instruction Booklet, Pg 40